About Us

 Melissa is a trained and certified Professional Home Organizer serving the greater Phoenix Valley.  She specializes in moderate to severe hoarding cases, but also assists with a variety of organizing projects including paperwork or single rooms or closets. 

Melissa comes to Arizona with over 20 years of experience in providing home services that have encompassed such endeavours as pet sitting in her family neighbourhood to house cleaning and organizing, caretaking as well as selling real estate.  Melissa's passion for a holistic and simplified life has guided her to help others in their desire to achieve balance in the home, mind and body.  She works with efficiency and dignity with a focus to achieve your goals without judgement.  Not only will Melissa help you in the process of organizing, but may also inspire those ready to embrace a new lifestyle to maintain a new-found order in their homes and lives.

Melissa’s passion is to make your home life happy and healthy.  She brings comfort to individuals in what many feel may be an embarrassing situation.  Her understanding and compassion aims to help many to bring down barriers and open up to healing and moving forward in clearing clutter and thus regaining balance, order, control and happiness.

Contact Melissa today for a no-judgement, no-obligation consultation.