1.  Who is entering my home? You might choose  to work independently with your Professional Organizer Phoenix, or in some cases if you need the clean-up done ASAP, a crew will be called in. We will explain who will be involved in our crew and what they will do.

2.  How long will this take to clear out my stuff? We have 2-4 day plans ranging up to 2 month plans. We are here to help you remove trash, clutter, and even furniture... always keeping in mind to donate and recycle properly.  Your professional organizer  will be working with you one on one to organize and recover important paperwork, and help you safely store your valuables and sentimental items. We may need to get a dumpster for a day or two or hire a haul away company. We show up in unmarked vehicles so no-one knows what's going on in your home on our clean up day. We understand that it's your private business and many will be there to judge you and not be understanding. If you have a deadline please call us at 602-507-7591 ...someone will return your call asap.

3.  How do you work? We work under your direction on what to keep, donate and sell. WE organize out a plan and do our best to stick with it.

4.  How much will it cost? Every case is different and will range in prices. The more stuff you have, the more time it will take. The dirtier it is the most time it will take to clean. We want you to think of this cleanup as a home remodel. It's getting your home back into a functioning condition. We will explain the costs involved and an written estimate will be delivered after first meeting together. We will also put you in touch with service providers offering floor repair, drywall and painters, etc.

5.  Many people ask if hoarding is a disease? For some cases therapy is the only way to get true control back in your life. Having just a clean-up day won't change anything. Family members may call in for this service to help out a loved one. If the hoarder themselves is not ready for this major clean up day we most likely will not offer our services. We offer a list of therapists in your area that deal with these cases all the time. The right therapy is out there for you. They are there to help you learn to control the thought mistakes you may have been making and help you to overcome your fears. If you are looking for online support please visit Visit them every Saturday night for their chat sessions.

6)  What are some of your policies?

Cancellation/ Rescheduling: We ask for a courtesy call to 602-507-7591 at least 24 hours before your scheduled appt.

Payments: Cash, Check or Paypal. Due at the end of each session.

References: are available Upon Request

Contacting us:  Please call us at 602-507-7591Please leave a message if you don't get through right away.  Every call is important to us and will be returned in a timely manner. We will set up a chat time to talk with you about your situation. When we are with clients our time is with them so we don't answer calls during their paid sessions.