I live in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and I was in a dilemma this past March 2013 when my brother Tony (who is 70 years old) called me from Phoenix and said his trailer had a leaking roof. 
Apparently the past weekend rain made the trailer’s roof buckle and the only thing that saved him from being trapped in his trailer was the mounds of debris from his hoarding. 
Since I live in Pittsburgh I had no idea his living conditions were so bad. I knew my brother Tony lived just on Social Security and I would supplement his income with some money but I live by myself and live on secretary’s wages so I did not know what to do. I put out one email at 4:00PM for help and I was contacted by 5:00PM with Melissa Dawson’s number for New Day.
Melissa right away calmed me down and explained she and her assistant Michelle would go visit Tony and assess the damage to the roof and see if they could help clean up the mess. 
Melissa sent photos of Tony’s single wide trailer which I wasaghast by. I had no idea anyone could live like that no alone my brother. We are from a family of 7 children and my Mother’s house was spotless so how this could have happened I don’t know. Melissa and Michelle went to work immediately taking truckloads of useless items away. 5000 VHS tapes, 240 cook books, 14 bowling balls. You name it the 50X70 trailer was stuffed. It took two weeks just to get to the point of finding out the trailer was not in any condition to fix and it had black mold and termites. I was devastated. I didn’t know what to do. Melissa and Michelle stepped up to the Godly level that they are on and help to find Tony an apartment and also help him to move in.
I can’t say enough about these angels. I will always remember how they were my eyes and ears in Phoenix always updating me with photos and texts. They are the best! 

Sharon Nine:

I would, without hesitation, hire Kelly Walker to assist in organizing and downsizing. Not only do you see amazing results when Kelly is in charge of consulting but she helps you learn how to move forward in maintaining the results you achieve when she works with you. The first time I experienced her expertise I was moving out of my home and downsizing over 1500 sq. ft. of living space. I had 2 days to be out of my house. She came in and made such a difference in what had to be done in so little time that I was stunned by her gift. A year later I moved again. I loved this new home but was again concerned by the size. It was even smaller than the town home I had just left. I had just finished moving everything over from the town home and was feeling overwhelmed, not at all sure how I was going to make everything fit in my new home. Over the next week, I saw my house becoming a home! Working with Kelly, I learned not only ways to part with things but the reasons why I should part with them as well. After I began to realize how it felt letting things go (lighter, free, less cluttered mind and less stressed), it became much easier. I'm not saying it was easy but it did become easier. Now I am very conscientious of what comes into my home and even more so of what stays. There is a huge satisfaction in knowing right where I can find something! It’s much simpler keeping my home clean and tidy. Kelly has wonderful ideas for decorating too! I have more free space in this small home then I thought possible! Crowded is no longer a word I would use to describe my home, my thoughts or even my life! My life has changed like I couldn't have imagined! There is a freedom I've experienced like nothing else. I cannot begin to express just how much Kelly's work has meant to me! I could not even begin to put a value on it!


I am extremely happy with the final outcome. The amount of stress that has been lifted off my back because of you is almost unbelievable. I will definitely refer you, any chance that I get. Thank you once again for everything.


Melissa is always on time and willing to work with our schedule. he is an excellent organizer. She made our hectic move a lot easier. I would recommend her to anyone.



Melissa has been helping me since December 2009. What a difference she has made in my life!!! My house is clean and organized, and my stress level is down! YAY! She is helping me to learn about being "Green" and how to save money!! Well worth your time and money. Contact me for further reference.



Very professional yet personable enough to feel very comfortable working with-prompt and dependable. Works fast and completes job as requested.  Very understanding and made me feel better about not having a clean and orderly household.



Melissa has helped me since 2007. She is the most dependable and professional organizer I have worked with over the past twenty years. She has had a key

to my house for the past four years and is completely trustworthy. Melissa is honest with me about my cluttering problems and knows that it contributes to my depression. She has additional training dealing with people who have these tendencies and is attuned to each client’s individual needs. Melissa is always coming up with new ideas and systems to help my household become much more efficient and uncomplicated.

I have a child who has severe allergies and cannot be exposed to certain cleaners and chemicals. Melissa has helped me find the right types of cleaners and household items that will not contribute to his allergies. She also has a great relationship with him as he knows that she understands his specific health problems. He is also willing to work with her to sift through his toys that he does not play with so they can go to a “new home”.



I first met Melissa back in 2008. Some changes had been going on in my life and I was having a lot of trouble just keeping up with regular household chores. Before I knew it, things in my home had gotten completely out of control. Important papers and needed items were not in any kind of order and regular living was difficult and unmanageable to say the least. I felt extremely embarrassed by how bad I had let things get and kept telling myself I need to just set aside time to straighten it all out. But it was extremely overwhelming. Finally, after shear desperation, I called a company that specialized in helping people get organized and that was my lucky day! I was so fortunate that Melissa ended up with the job!

Melissa and I spoke on the phone and right away my humiliation over my enormously messy, cluttered house was starting to ease. Once we met in person……I couldn’t believe that I was so comfortable with this very nice lady and showing her this situation that I spent months feeling so bad about. She was absolutely wonderful! Not a hint of judgment or a negative comment was displayed. Melissa accepted it like it was no big deal…. it was all so positive. She genuinely assured me that she has seen every kind of situation and was just there to help.

Soon after our initial meeting, Melissa had her organizing plan of attack! I gave her a house key without any qualms. She had my trust and my confidence and I knew I was in good, capable hands. Each and every day, I would actually look forward to coming home because Melissa’s progress was huge. Not only did she get me organized, she cleaned, hung pictures, arranged furniture and made my house a real home. She truly went above and beyond and I greatly appreciated it. It was wonderful coming home to a neat, clean home with a beautiful fresh scent. Melissa found stuff among my mess that I didn’t even know I had and put it out for me to finally enjoy! And each day, she left met a detailed note of her progress and what the next step would be.

I truly cannot say enough about the difference Melissa made in my life. Her hard work got me on the right track and fortunately, I have been able to keep going with her organization method. But there is always more stuff and I look forward to having Melissa back again soon to reinvigorate me once again!

I highly recommend Melissa for any size organizing job….large or small. She is motivated, energetic, focused and trustworthy. I also like her commitment to the environment and the earth friendly products that she uses.

It is so great having such a positive experience with someone helping you, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I always like to relay an excellent experience. Melissa’s company name rings very true….it really felt like a ‘New Day’!



I began working with Melissa Dawson of New Day Organizing in September 2009.

We had recently moved to Arizona from Seattle, and had combined two fairly large households into one.

Life as a mother of two children under 10 was hectic, and in spite of my attempts to get organized, I was unable to do so effectively & had become increasingly agitated about it. My project involved not only messy closets and junk drawers, but also lotsof paperwork; a mix of personal papers & business documents, many dating back several years. The task of going through it all left me feeling very overwhelmed.

I decided to find a professional organizer, but it needed to be an individual that would be trustworthy and with good eyes to be able to go through boxes and boxes of paperwork, and discern what was important to keep & okay to toss. I wasn’t sure if I could find such a person.

Melissa came in and within just moments of working together, I could see that she was beyond competent. In a short period of time, she had as many twenty different piles going, and was easily able to discern what should go where, and what could be tossed, repurposed, or donated.

I am always amazed at Melissa; she works with great speed and efficiency! I have continued to have her return regularly to tackle other projects, and for ongoing cleanup and maintenance. I always tell her that she is indeed “a sight for sore eyes”!