Clutter Equals Stress

- Organizing Your Home Will Help

 When your home is cluttered, it can cause you to feel overwhelmed, this in turn can create stress in addition to causing clutter in the rest of your life.  A good way to reduce the clutter and stress at home is to do some organizing.  Organizing your home can be a tedious and unwilling thing for anyone especially is there is a lot of clutter.  It doesn’t have to be that bad a chore if you go about it the right way.

 I’m not talking about gathering up everything laying around and throwing it all in a storage building or garage.  I’m talking about having what you need accessible and things you don’t put away properly.

 There are a few things that are needed in order to get started and to keep your home clutter-free. First of all there needs to be a motivator (perhaps a professional organizer).  It has to be a family effort, and you have to have a place for everything.  After you have these goals set, you’re ready to go.

You can go through each room in your house and jot down everything that you see that is causing clutter in that room.  Once you start to go over your notes, you can begin to figure out how to go about organizing.  For instance, you may have written from the entrance way that there are shoes in the middle of the floor, jackets tossed on the chair and hung on the door knob and some newspapers laying on the corner table.   What will you do with them to eliminate the clutter?  You could get a coat rack for the jackets or have them put in a closet, the shoes can be put away as well either on a shoe rack or in a closet.  If they are ones that no one wears, you may choose to donate them. The newspapers can also be recycled if unwanted.

There are a number of helpful storage containers you can purchase that will help you when organizing your home, things like totes, racks, bins, and other pieces of furniture.  You can even find homes for a lot of items in your home already. 

A lot of clutter in most homes is just because no one wants to put something back where it belongs.  It is important that when you start organizing your home that all participants adhere to ‘there’s a place for everything and everything has its place’ so you can be less stressful at home.