Garage Organizing Tips

 Think about what will be donated, what will be recycled and what will be reused. You will be better off to clear the garage before you start putting it back together. It can be finished over the course of one weekend if you stay focused and stick to the plan. If you need help with a plan, someone like a professional organizer or another family member may be able to assist.

The garage is usually the last room in your home that you want to deal with.  It is where everything is stored, and before you know it you can be in over your head. How do you deal with the junk and clutter? It is a strategic process that will take a little time and a lot of organization, but it can be done rather painlessly. It does not have to cost you a fortune either.

Don't worry about investing in a bunch of expensive gadgets to organize your space. You can get to the bottom of this without breaking the bank. Go to local thrift stores and see if they have what you need to get started. and  may have quite a few things for the job on hand. You may also check Amazon and Ebay for things that can not be found locally. A lot of times things online will be cheaper because of the intense price competition. 

Make a list and stick to it. The whole purpose is to declutter. Make sure that you have a recycling bin on the list. Permanent markers are a good idea as well. Organize things by type or use and label every bin.

Old bookcases, shelves, storage bins, tables and furniture can be excellent to pull this off without a hitch. Utilize wall space, and if you have a garage that will allow it, some things can be stored overhead.  Also having an attic installed above your garage might make up for some of the wasted storage space while also decreasing the clutter in your garage.  A company such as Orlando Group Roofing could help with this.

Once the garage is clear you can think of flooring options if that applies. You do not want to have to take everything out again later down the line. If you have it in your mind to eventually do the floor, there is no more ample time than when you have it cleared already.

Building shelves that will hold your bins is a much cheaper way to get an organizing system than buying one ready made. It will create so much space when all of that stuff is tucked away in a stacked bin and out of sight.  Once you have hung, organized and put all of your things away, and your wall space has been effectively utilized then you are ready to park your car in its nice clean space.