Help with Hoarding

Hoarding has made headlines with the various shows on television dedicated to showing off people whose houses are crammed with stuff. While it can be entertaining television, it can be a nightmare for people who are just not able to get rid of the stuff. It can weigh people down and make them feel depressed. When they do not know what to do, the situation only gets worse. So what can you do?

There are some steps to take to help with hoarding. The first thing to do is recognize that if you have not used something in more than a year, it is probably not something you need to keep. If you recently found something at the bottom of a pile that you recently discovered, chances are that you do not need it.

The second thing to recognize is that more does not mean better. Realize when it is impractical to have extras of things. No one person needs three microwaves. Clear out the extras you have lying around the house.

The third this is to categorize. Move things into piles. Make piles for things you want to keep, give away, throw away, and sell. Do not overdo it and create lots of piles. This will help sort out what you have and determine what to do with it to make the task a little easier to handle.

Fourth, do not over think the process. If it takes a lot of reflection to determine what to do with the item, then you are not in the right frame of mind to sort your stuff. You need to be able to make a decision about it and move forward. That is the key to overcoming hoarding. To this, pick something up, decide and do not pick that item up again. You need to be decisive and stick to it so you do not over think things.

The fifth thing to do is think through what you are afraid of and know that the fear and anxiety you are feeling is not serving your higher good. Know that nothing bad is likely happen if you throw something away. Keep that in the back of your mind that you will be fine no matter what happens to the stuff. Get a partner or a professional organizer to help you to keep your motivation up and confidence strong.

Hoarding help and getting rid of things can be difficult for anyone. Know that you are not alone.