How to declutter a house

Homes get cluttered. People are busy, and families accumulate things. How do you deal with the clutter once you find that you are in over your head? Take a deep breath, because it can be easier than you may think.

First you must select a starting point. Start with the little things. Do not even overwhelm yourself by looking at the big picture. You can begin by clearing a counter top, or just clear off one shelf. If you bring organization to a single junk drawer then you have accomplished something, and that is fuel for motivation.

Pace yourself through the process. You do not want to become discouraged or get burned out early in the game. Don't let yourself get caught up in the clutter shifting cycle. If you are going to do something with it rather than relocating the item, just organize it. You will be shocked at how quickly the clutter seems to disappear, and the way you feel about the tidiness is indescribable if you have been a prisoner to it for some time.

You will have to practice different habits to keep from replacing old clutter with new clutter. Incorporate organizational methods and systems that will help you keep it in check.  Learn to resist the temptation to lug things in. For every new thing you get obligate yourself to get rid of three old things of equal size.

Set dates to address clutter and keep them. Rather you work on it for 2 days or 2 hours you will see progress. Once you have uncluttered your home it will be a wonderful feeling, and you will want to keep it that way. It is a journey that begins with a single step, and the destination is a happy and clutter free home that you can build memories in for a lifetime with the proper care and maintenance.

Don't expect to recruit an army, although you may find a professional organizer to help you with decluttering. You will have to commit to this yourself. If you can get others in the family on board that is fantastic, but if you can't don't become discouraged. Stay on the job, make your family members commit to at least picking up behind themselves and press on. The outcome is worth it.

Once the home is clutter free, you have your organization station full of neatly stacked and labeled bins, you've donated and recycled all you can and you have utilized all of the available space that you can for storage then you can easily stay on top of it all. It is just getting there that can be challenging. The important thing is to stick to it, and you will achieve success.