Move Services

 New Home unpacking

-- Let us make your new home a comfortable and functional space!

 ·  Unpack all boxes and put away in a system that works for you

 ·  Help decide & purchase organizing helpers/tools

 ·  Help decide on where to store items not used

 ·  Put together a new broom Closet of tools & Eco-Friendly cleaners

 ·  Develop a New Home Maintenance Calendar to keep your home Happy & Green!


Stage to Sell

 --We will consult with you on how to show off your home's best features & spaces. 

 ·  De-clutter and transform areas into neat places

 ·  Sell and/or Rearrange furniture to show off spaces

 ·  Downsizing/Combining of Households

 ·  You''ll receive a list things to do before to list your home

 ·  Deep Cleaning to make your home sparkle and shine!


Contact a Professional for moving help in Phoenix or call us at 602-507-7591.