Personal Organizing

New Day Organizing offers Personal Organizing sessions to get you back into life. We call it "Organization Therapy". We are not mental health therapists but more like in-home coaches. We can help you make good decisions for you and your family. Changing habits is not the easiest thing to do alone. We want you to be happy and healthy and to live with fewer frustrations. Whatever you were dealing with in the past...divorce, death, tragedy, starting over can be so difficult.  We are here to get you back into life. We help with prioritizing, motivating and overcoming procrastination, coaching you along the way. 

Organize your Spaces:

An unorganized space can make many people feel anxious. I can help you reduce the stress that clutter creates.

We may need to de-clutter your space, organize your possessions, give items you a new home and simple decorated look. We develop a organizing plan to fit you! Once your new home is back to being clean and organized we can start our one and one personal organizing sessions to get you back into your new life!

Daily Calendar Routines:

We will develop a new daily calendar routine to structure your day and incorporating new habits. We always keep in mind that we are organizing for you. I will give you practical solutions for everyday problems in everyday life.

  1. Food - Eat Better to Feel Better
    • Grocery shopping
    • How to make good choices when eating out.
    • Simple recipes which are organic and pure.
    • Creating a master grocery list.
    • Organizing your pantry and fridge.
    • Keeping a food journal
    • Coupon shopping.
  2. Clothes / Laundry
    • Cleaning Clothes to folding and storing.
    • Organizing closets / drawers.
    • Style.
    • Purchasing.
  3. Money
    • Bill reminders to pay to make you feel less anxious.
    • Create a new budget for a comfortable lifestyle.
    • Help with purchasing decisions and use CASH again.
    • What to do with the paper that comes into our life.
    • New address book and contact info.
  4. Cleaning / Organizing / Home Maintenance
    • Learn how to clean up your home  & keep up with clutter by using eco-friendly products that don't harm your environment or your health.
    • how to deal with daily clutter.
    • What to maintain in your apartment, townhouse or estate. When is the last time you changed your AC filters?
  5. Shopping
    • From grocery shopping to everyday purchases. Learn how to save money and buy quality to last.
  6. Simple Decorating
    • Using the items you LOVE.
    • Creative Furniture arrangement.
    • Fun with kid's art.
  7. Appts/Errands
  8. Health/Beauty
  9. Important Dates to Fun Dates (hobbies, happy occasions, and The To Do List: from adding in the mundane things in life that just have to be done.)